AquaFinesse makes water care products that are easy to use and offer the best water quality without the need of time consuming, multiple daily measurements and high doses of harsh chemicals..


Providing high-quality pool products. GLI manufactures inground and above ground liners, Safety Covers, Winter Covers, Protect-A-Pool® Above Ground and Inground Safety Fence and Solar Reel Systems. They also market Dirt Devil® pool cleaners.

GLI is commited to delivering their pool products, particularly our custom pool liners and safety covers in under 72 hours. Predictably fast and flawless delivery in a seasonal business is a service that customers come to rely on for planning their business with GLI.


Leading the industry in design and development of backyard entertainment accessories. Inter-Fab, Inc. applies their ingenuity and creativity in their line of pool slides, diving boards, ball games, pool rails, waterfalls, and fountains. Their success in innovation shines through with products like the G-Force, BYOS, Extreme slides and T7 and Edge Diving Systems. Inter-Fab, Inc. is synonymous with quality, backyard entertainment products.


From its humble beginnings 120 years ago, Intermatic has remained on the cutting edge of innovation. It is deeply rooted in the tradition of a family-owned business, following a distinct formula of honest, customer-first business that has helped it become a global leader in energy management solutions. Now in its third century of incorporation, Intermatic is continually investing in state-of-the-art technology to improve the value of its products and its service to the customers.


LASCO Fittings, Inc., an Aalberts Industries company, specializes in the production and sale of injection molded fittings for Irrigation, Plumbing, Industrial, Pool/Spa and Retail markets. A technical leader with over 50 years experience, LASCO fittings are relied upon worldwide to provide the confidence users desire.

LASCO Fittings, Inc. operates a 26-acre manufacturing facility in Brownsville, TN. With eight Regional Distribution Facilities strategically located within the United States, LASCO provides worldwide distribution and overnight service.


Producing highly-regarded, quality products for the plumbing industry. Oatey and United Elchem both manufacture solvent cements for joining plastic pipe and fittings (e.g., Pool-Tite Cement which can be used in wet conditions), and other related plumbing specialty products. Oatey backs their products with high quality technical and customer support programs.

praher logo

Praher Canada is a custom injection molding company with a proprietary valve line. We are currently the only Canadian manufacturer of Thermoplastic Pressure Valves.

We are privately owned by the Praher family and are a subsidiary of Praher Beteiligungsgesellschaf in Austria. The Praher family owns numerous companies that do Plastic Injection Molding worldwide.

pacific echo

Leading manufacturer of pool and spa PVC flexible hose and clear PVC tubing. Pacific Echo uses virgin resin and high quality plasticizer to ensure a long life for the spa-flex hose. They are the first to receive the following important certifications: IAPMO and NSF.


This innovative product line is made in Australia and represents a new concept in remote control low voltage pool lighting with unique features that are unmatched by any other existing pool lighting product. The PAL Lighting line of products are UL‐listed for installation in the United States and Canada and are made and extensively field tested with the best materials available. For use in swimming pools, spas, aquatic water features, and accent lighting for underwater and landscape uses.


Pleatco manufactures high-quality replacement cartridges and DE grids for the swimming pool and spa industry. And is the preferred cartridge supplier to many spa OEMs. They offer numerous top-of-the-line features, including the exclusive New Pleatco Advanced Media, delivering faster cleaning, longer filter cycle times, and higher dirt holding capacity. A Free Flow core that delivers better water flow, so your pump is more energy efficient. Part numbers are printed on the end cap for easy re-ordering. Pleatco offers east coast and west coast manufacturing operations to provide outstanding customer service.


Formulating the finest swimming pool and deck coatings. Ramuc Pool and Deck Paint offers economical and long lasting alternatives to replastering or other types of pool finishes. Add painting pools and decks to your service menu.  It's an economical alternative these days to replastering.  Ramuc has all the tools to make the job easy and profitable for you, including Clean and Prep Solution and caulks



Salt water systems have been around since the mid 70′s. The Romans used similar technology to sanitize drinking water. Technological advancements in salt water chlorinators have yielded equipment that are low maintenance and reasonably priced, eliminating the need to buy, add or store chlorine.
Saline Generating Systems combines this advanced technology in a system that is simple to operate and easy to maintain, designed with our customer in mind. SGS Chlorinators have the highest output and the longest warranty of its kind.

The Breeze Series
The Breeze Series for residential pools and spas consists of three systems for better sizing of the body of water you need to sanitize. For more information, go to the Products – Residential page of our website.



Manufacturing vinyl repair kits since 1950 for bonding and mending vinyl plastics -even underwater.  Boxer Adhesives work where the other brands don’t.